Kids in Transition

Last year, over 3900 children in Lane County were removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect, many with short or no notice. In many cases, children were removed with simple the clothes they were wearing, and had nothing of their own as they were temporarily placed with extended family, certified foster care, or other facilities awaiting subsequent arrangments.

Additionally, Looking Glass of Lane County served nearly 1100 homeless or displaced teens with little or nothing of their own. Kids in Transition (KITS) is designed to ease these often traumatic transitions by providing these children in South Lane County with items to help meet their basic needs as well as provide comfort. KITS are designed to provide sets of items for children that are age and gender appropriate. Items are packaged in backpacks the children can keep for future use.

The KITS initiative was coordinated with local DHS and Looking Glass representatives and will fill a void by supplementing the agencies' dwindling stockpiles of similar items, as funding cuts for both agencies make it increasingly difficult for them to serve children by providing them the most necessary and basic care and comfort items. Something as simple as toiletries, a stuffed animal, or a pair of pajamas can make a world of difference to a child who suddenly finds his or herself in unfamiliar and uncertain circumstances.

The KITS initiative is intended to provide a measure of care, comfort, and hope to those children as they transition from the difficult to the unknown.